Think of collaboration as a mindset


collaboration_260_185Everything changes ! The world in which we live, our work habits , our habits in general. The means of communications today and tomorrow we promise a revolution in our behavior. The travels are expensive, but we must continue to work with teams increasingly outsourced. Decisions must be taken more quickly,  with information coming from different sources… All accelerates … The emails, chat , social networking , media , mobility, process simplification , effectiveness by automation, relevance of information , the quality of products or services , compliance, information security, all these themes are now carried out simultaneously by companies through their permanent organizational restructuring. And the human in all this? What is he ?
Many questions indeed . However a solution exists to address most of these issues. It is primarily based on collaboration. The ability of the human to re-take the lead his work and how to interact with others,it is the basis of everything. Then comes the tool, or rather the interaction of these tools , to provide the clearest possible way to achieve its objectives. These tools should be simple, efficient , agile , and especially adopted by users how have been in the past the phone and the fax.

SharePoint-logo_200As part of SharePoint , it is absolutely necessary to establish a Governance beforehand. This step is decisive for the future of the platform that you are ready to install. In fact, it parses all the necessary key elements. Two options: you benefit the most of all the benefits of SharePoint , or you transform your organization into an uncontrolled and uncontrollable jungle.

  • Logical Architecture
  • Site Request
  • Site Templates
  • Site Management and Control
  • Site Templates definition
  • Site Retention & Deletion policies
  • User agreement
  • Security
  • General guidelines
  • Social policies
  • Support model
  • Multilingual
  • Working environment
  • Naming Convention
  • Backup
  • Communication

Our solution:

Based on extensive experience in the subject performed in major industries, we propose to carry out this mission of Governance” with your teams. We need the involvement of significant representatives each of your departments: HR, Finance, Legal, etc.

Take the lead … contact us.