Business Process
Think of collaboration as a mindset

Business Process

npl_3_500NPL is probably one of the most complex business processes . Deliver on time a series of products that comply with requests it aims . It’s a race against the clock that can only operate only through the support and coordination of several functions and departments of the company . Some entities have a role of approving and other have a role of execution.
This human chain needs to be observed more closely because it requires a number of tools for different actors in the process in order to know at any time:

  • The contents of the launch.
  • The status of the request.
  • Who is involved
  • The desired date of delivery .
  • Delays
  • The schedule deviation.

This process must also be dynamic, so the tools must be able to follow the evolution: organizational changes, process update. They must be agile.
A real collaborative environment is conducive to this kind of solution. This environment includes employees within an organization but also suitable IT tools that can best meet them.