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Business Transformation Consulting Firm

Business transformation has never been so prominent.

Therefore, companies are being forced to/urged to/pushed to evolve faster and faster in order to stay ahead of their competitors and to constantly predict the markets of tomorrow while continuing their operational activities.

This transformation must be carried out properly using a pragmatic approach, within a reasonable timeframe and at a controlled cost.

This is the very essence of Rinaldi Consulting: to make the best of technology as well as your resources so that you can achieve your objectives as quickly as possible, i.e, to consider technology as serving the company and not the other way around.

Who are we ?

We are a Swiss company founded in 2015 and we are specialized in bringing about change through the use of simple and effective technological tools. Our know-how is built on 10 years of experience in this field within large international corporates.

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Our Client Success in Business Transformation

Business transformation can vary from a global change programme requiring a strong PMO and many project managers, to simply wanting to use the company’s data to better and quickly identify areas which require improvements and implement corrective actions.

Services in Business Transformation

Our services are tailored to suit your needs in relation to your business transformation.

Rinaldi Consulting offers several levels of services. We provide different levels because your needs may differ.

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