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Our Business Transformation Services

Rinaldi Consulting offers several levels of services.

3 Services Levels

We provide different levels because your needs may differ.

  • The “Ultimate” level allows you to benefit from a full service adapted to your transformation programmes by addressing the key points of this type of operation.
  • With the “Enhanced” level, you can improve the execution of your existing transformation programmes or benefit from a proven experience in developing your operational and strategic relationships.
  • The “Beginner” level is the level that will enable your team to learn about Power BI through specific case studies.

Service Ultimate

This level of service will allow you to reach a high level of expertise in the reporting aspect of your programmes. Business transformation and the related changes cannot be carried out without effective management. The stakeholders in this type of operation are therefore major consumers of data and the associated reports must be relevant and at the centre of discussions while guaranteeing their compliance. Power BI and Paginated Report Builder are state-of-the-art tools mastered by Rinaldi Consulting to achieve your objectives.

Service Enhanced

This level of service is the magical power of Power BI and Paginated Report Builder. Indeed, this Microsoft environment not only offers you the possibility to gather your data but also and above all to get the most out of it.

The world of reporting has evolved significantly in the past few years and simplifying access to data now makes it possible to explore new concepts in terms of management. It is not enough to display data in the form of graphs, charts and simple spreadsheets, it is also necessary for a report to be able to tell a story and thereby highlight the points of improvement within a company.

This is precisely the expertise of Rinaldi Consulting: assisting companies to build their data environment to simplify access and to increase understanding through innovative visuals.

Service Beginner

You may not yet be totally proficient in the broad possibilities of Microsoft BI.

Rinaldi Consulting is here to help you get started with these value-added techniques, which will undoubtedly help you make a real “shift” in your activities.

This support can be provided in various forms.

Any questions ? Our experts answer you.