“I’ve got more support”.

Another case… This time it’s Valentine.

Valentine is young and highly proficient in a technology that is essential to the company she works for. She works tirelessly and is very committed to doing her job to keep the company running at peak performance. She firmly believes in new technologies and proves her worth to the company with ease. She works within a young, close-knit team where everyone looks out for each other.
But… the “BLOCKER” is there! Firmly, though discreetly established within the company for a very long time, they think they can make young recruits their slaves. “After all, my job pays my salary and my bonus will come from the young people dedicated to my service”. To better understand the “BLOCKER”, it is necessary to have a prior look at their situation and motivations.

Usually, this “BLOCKER” managed, at one point in their career, to convince the company of their value and, over the years, to weave certain dogmas around their activity. These beliefs remain effective as long as the company does not seek to make savings… In fact, as technology evolves, so do massive improvements in simplicity and cost reduction. The “BLOCKER” will see this as a threat, the threat of questioning their beliefs, their dogmas and eventually their job. On the other hand… an intelligent person, gifted with reason and experience, will seize the opportunity to be part of this change in order to preserve their aura… No! The “BLOCKER” thinks in terms of short-termism. It’s easier to refuse change by using false tricks than to think things through. They may have simply forgotten that not everyone around them thinks the way they do.

Eventually, one day, Valentine will find herself verbally abused by this “BLOCKER”. The latter claimed that Valentine had made a serious mistake. In fact, the offence was extremely minor, but the pretext was the one chosen by the “BLOCKER” to assert their false authority. Fortunately, the company was able to be totally aware of what was occurring, and officially notified the “BLOCKER” of the blame for their unacceptable behaviour. Yes, when pushed to the limit, the “BLOCKER” can become aggressive!

Companies need to be well aware of this kind of situation. The omerta is no longer in place; otherwise young recruits would start to blacklist certain companies.

So, what do you think about it?