When trust prevails


I am about to close my laptop, feeling it has been a very busy day but above all, I feel extremely satisfied. My clients are happy with my work and recommend me to other people.
I have lots of upcoming orders and the latest meetings I have had lead me to think that I will be getting more projects in the near future. As an entrepreneur, I am delighted about this as the future looks bright; however I still feel that it is not enough…
Yet I have worked hard to get where I am now despite my doubts, frustrations and anxiety.
But today another event is filling me with a less materialistic satisfaction.
A close friend of mine, who is a business owner and whose help was extremely valuable to me at the start of the Rinaldi Consulting adventure, contacted me yesterday to get him out of a tricky situation with a client’s project. I knew how high the stakes were and that his company could not afford to fail this contract.
I instantly put aside my own projects to devote myself entirely to his tricky problem. After burning the midnight oil and a few more hours today, I eventually found the solution!
At that point, I got filled with pride at having been able to overcome the challenge (ego aspect) but also, and more importantly, at having helped a friend (fraternity aspect).

To summarise:

  • Be confident in one’s abilities
  • Immediate profit is not a goal in itself
  • Human relationships are all about building a network of trust
  • Giving of oneself allows us to gain another form of satisfaction

What about you? Have you ever experienced something similar professionally?